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Cheese Curds - $4.99
With Taphouse sauce

Jalapeño Bacon Poppers - $6.29
Fresh halved jalapeños stuffed with breaded cheese & wrapped in bacon, deep fried to perfection & served with Taphouse sauce

Starter Salad - $3.99
Mixed greens with onion, tomato, shredded cheese & fried wonton strips, served w/ choice of dressing

Hand-battered Chicken Tenders - $6.29
Hand-battered tenders, served with your choice of dipping sauce

Pretzel Bites - $4.99
With queso cheese

Fried Pickles - $4.99
Crispy breaded pickles served with chipotle ranch

Onion Rings - $4.99
Onion rings. Fried... You know what they are.

Fried Beer Cheese Wontons - $5.29
Served with sweet chili sauce


Plain Jane - $4.99
Burger and a bun! Simplicity at its best!

Cream Cheese n' Olive - $5.99
Your favorite! Green olives & cream cheese
(Sub jalapeños to give it a kick!)

Old Cheddar - $5.99
Sautéed garlic mushrooms & cheddar cheese

Black n' Bleu - $5.99
Blackened seasonings on our already awesome beer burger, topped with bacon onion bleu cheese sauce

Southern BBQ - $6.29
Creamy BBQ sauce & coleslaw

Reuben - $7.49
Piled high w/ corned beef, sauerkraut, Taphouse sauce, & Swiss cheese on a pretzel bun

Jalapeño Popper - $6.29
Jalapeño beer cheese, jalapenos, & popper crunch on a pretzel bun

7 West-ern - $7.49
Cheddar cheese, Applewood smoked bacon creamy BBQ sauce & fried onion rings

Sugar Daddy - $6.99
Brown sugar bacon & cheddar cheese

One-Eyed Jack - $6.99
Pepperjack cheese & a fried egg on a pretzel bun

Avocado - $6.99
Fresh avocado, pepperjack cheese, & pico

California - $5.99
The ol’ standby. Lettuce, tomato, & mayo, topped with American cheese

Taphouse - $6.99
Jalapeño beer cheese, Taphouse sauce, & sautéed beer onions

#7WestOMG - $8.99
American cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, beer onions, cheese curds, & Taphouse sauce - all piled atop double burger patties on grilled sourdough bread

Substitute a turkey burger, veggie burger, or grilled chicken for no additional charge!


Avocado Chicken - $6.99
Cilantro lime chicken, shredded cheese, pico, chipotle ranch, & fresh avocado

Blackened Fish - $6.99
Blackened tilapia, lettuce, shredded cheese, pico, & sweet-n-spicy chili sauce

Taphouse Original - $5.99
Your choice of seasoned beer burger or cilantro lime chicken with lettuce, shredded cheese, pico, & fiesta sour cream

Veggie - $5.99
Lettuce, black bean salsa, fresh avocado, shredded cheese, pico, fresh lime, & fiesta sour cream

Korean BBQ Pork - $7.49
Pulled pork with Korean BBQ, carrots, cabbage, wonton strips & sesame seeds